She is fun, focused and full of encouragement

Amy was enthusiastically recommended to me by my nephew who at the time was also a pupil. As an adult learner and brand new to fiddle playing I was keen to find a teacher that would encourage and inspire me to learn from scratch. I got that and much more from Amy. She combines a really practical focus on technique and theory (honest, she can make scales fun!) with the pleasure of learning and playing tunes. One of my biggest highlights was being able to duet, with Amy playing a counter part to me playing the tune. She is fun, focused and full of encouragement, always able to pick me up from the negative self-talk I am prone to.

She introduced me to other flddle groups and an endless supply of interesting and challenging tunes to play. She was firm on pushing me to follow the tradition and learn by ear which, although scary at first, connected me so much more strongly with the tunes and stories not just the dots. Plus it’s a really cool thing to learn how to do. Whether young or old Amy is a fantastic musician and inspirational teacher and it would be lovely to spread her magic further.

Jill MacLean