A very popular and highly-respected tutor

I first met Amy over three years ago through my involvement with the Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop (at Strachur). She had been a very popular and highly-respected tutor with the group and on the recommendation of several of the members I signed up for a Mixed Instrument Workshop the LFW had organised, with Amy as tutor. This workshop was what inspired me to become a member of the LFW and to begin learning the fiddle (my first involvement with the workshop was as a guitar/mandolin player).

Amy showed great professionalism in her running of the workshop, dealing expertly with players of differing experience and abilities and making sure everyone was being wholly involved throughout the day. She demonstrated great patience and teaching skills and the workshop was voted a great success by all who attended. Most of the success was certainly down to Amy’s teaching skills and very pleasant demeanour.

Since that first meeting I have had the opportunity of meeting with Amy on several other occasions, the latest being another Mixed Instrument workshop where once again we had a very mixed-ability grouping with instruments including accordions, viola, guitar and mandolins. At this oneAmy taught one of her own tunes, an instantly-enjoyable piece called Cruden Bay. She not only taught this tune but worked on rhythmic techniques and arranging and embellishing, and was always mindful that she was dealing with instruments beyond the fiddle (which was by far the majority instrument on the day). This tune has been one of my favourite pieces since then, one of those wee melodies that I keep returning to and finding new nuances in. Amy is not only a first-rate fiddler with a proven record, but an inspiring and generous teacher.

John Kelly
Secretary, Lochgoilhead Fiddle Workshop